Show's over

The World's Largest Athlete has made his life's biggest decision, and for now, WWE and ECW will be without a giant.

Not since Andre the Giant has there been a man of Big Show's stature who's made such impact on sports-entertainment. But, after more than seven years in WWE and a five-month reign of dominance in the reborn ECW, Big Show has decided to take time away from the ring.

Enduring not only one of the most physical confrontations in his career against new ECW World Champion Lashley on ECW on Sci Fi, but also experiencing the agony and misery within the torturous Extreme Elimination Chamber, it seemed that this week was the breaking point for the giant.

Some close to Big Show have said that his pride was lost after losing the ECW World Title. His lingering emotions and injuries, coupled with several tumultuous days contributed to his decision to step away.

"I'm a raw-boned bastard that breaks things and moves the immovable objects. When I'm injured, I can't do those things," said the Extreme Giant. "I'm much more valuable healthy both mentally and physically, and this hiatus will help me to get there."

According to Big Show, he has been plagued by a multitude of injuries from herniated discs to torn muscles, but has still competed through the pain. Bodily damage of this nature is something an ordinary individual (of far smaller size) could never endure, let alone carry the weight of the ECW World Title in a highly physical realm of hardcore.

"I've reached a point in my career right now where I am a little run down and hurt pretty bad physically," explained the Extremist. "I've been wrestling the past three months pretty much in pain every night. I can't compete at the level I want to compete at, and that's the most heartbreaking thing."

Despite his display of supremacy, Big Show claimed that his performance in the ring has not been at his full potential. It is this that has driven the immense competitor to step away from WWE for now.

"I think every athlete reaches a point in their career when he really has to check himself and evaluate what is going on," said the 500-pound Extremist. "Anybody who knows me knows I need a break. People go through life so fast sometimes they miss it; I just want to put on the brakes."

According to the World's Largest Athlete, the physical ache he's experienced doesn't compare to the emotional anguish that's accompanied his decision to take a break not just from his career, but also the familial lifestyle of sports-entertainment.

With a career that's spanned more than one decade, Big Show has held every major World Championship in sports-entertainment and is the only man to hold the WWE Championship, ECW World Title and World Heavyweight Championship.

More importantly, the Extreme Giant said that in his conquests, he's had the extraordinary opportunity to have battled the biggest icons in sports-entertainment including Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Ric Flair, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker and countless others.

"It's bittersweet; this business is a family. I've been traveling and I've been in this business for 11 wonderful years," stated a passionate Big Show. "I've been able to work with almost every top Superstar in this business that's ever meant anything… I've had some very memorable matches and I'm thankful for it."

Whether cheered or jeered by WWE fans, Big Show has always been respected and kept audiences in sheer awe. Now, the seven-footer is anxious to take some time away from the spotlight, though that spotlight shines extra bright upon an individual of such mammoth size.

"Being this big, you can never hide," he admitted with a large grin. "I'm thankful for it but right now I just want some time for myself. I'm thankful for the fans and I hope that they can respect this decision and can be supportive too."

While Big Show hopes to recover and refresh himself, he discussed his possible involvement in a future WWE Films release.

"I want to reinvent myself if possible, and find out who Big Show really is," he admitted. "I'd like to do a WWE movie -- a comedy -- because I have a pretty good sense of comedic timing. I'm a pretty humble, lovable, funny, easy-going guy with a short fuse. Then again, like Chris Rock said, nobody wants to laugh at a big guy who could beat your ass."

Until then, it'll be a "big, bad show tonight" and every other night until the Extreme Giant makes his way back home to the squared circle.

"I'm thankful for everything," asserted Big Show. "For every man who has stepped in the ring with me and trusted me with their bodies. For WWE officials who have been so supportive of my decision when I basically went to them in tears and told them I was burnt out."

In addition to these very genuine words, Big Show also had a message for ECW and WWE fans alike.

"I'd like to give a special thanks to ECW fans," he added. "I wasn't a part of the original ECW, but I gave all I had for them and I hope solidified my part in ECW. For anyone who has cheered me, loved me, hated me and booed me: thank you."


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