Is Big Daddy V the new ECW schoolyard bully?

Is Big Daddy V the new ECW schoolyard bully?

NEW ORLEANS -- The ECW locker room hallway at the New Orleans Arena went black as night as the large behemoth, Big Daddy V, came stomping down the hallway, blocking out all the corridor lighting.

Next to him, a well-dressed schoolteacher beamed with pride. Walking in the shadow of his new star pupil, Matt Striker had found the solution to a vexing problem: how to stop the worm-chomping macabre mayhem of Boogeyman.

"The face of sports-entertainment changes right here, right now," Striker boasted to, perhaps as a harbinger of things to come.

Striker had been haunted by Bottomless Pit dweller for weeks, receiving a mouthful of nightcrawlers on multiple occasions. But it was Big Daddy V that made Boogeyman eat slate Tuesday night, sending the odd Superstar crashing through his teacher's chalkboard.

Sources said that Superstars gathered watching the destruction on TV monitors in the locker room had concerned looks on their faces. Was it because of Big Daddy V's gigantic size? The colossus outweighs everyone on the ECW roster by at least 100 lbs.

Or was it because the monster seems to be taking marching orders from Matt Striker, who could have a few past grudges to settle in the locker room? The educator implied as such after ECW on Sci Fi, indicating that he was the mind behind Big Daddy V's muscle.

"Picture us molded together," Striker said. "Anytime you are intimate with me intellectually, chances are you'll be intimate physically with Big Daddy V."   

"The time for games is over," V said with a sneer. "No more fun and games. It's time to break necks and cash checks."

And that ruthless attitude and aggression has his teacher Striker awarding the behemoth bully gold stars. Could more gold, perhaps a championship title, be in the beast's future?

"Now, doesn't that make you smile?" the teacher laughed. "Class dismissed."

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