Rattlesnake's return

Rattlesnake's return

Monday night on Raw, the familiar sound of breaking glass that signals "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's entrance reverberated through the speakers of the sold-out US Airways Center in Phoenix. As Austin descended toward the ring amid a booming applause that shook the arena walls, the question of who would be the special guest referee at WrestleMania 23's Battle of the Billionaires was definitively answered.
Stone Cold realizes he's been away from a WWE ring for quite some time. Regardless, if anyone believes that an extended absence is enough to take the venom out of the Texas Rattlesnake, Austin dares them to think again. In fact, the former WWE Champion told WWE.com that he will emphasize his point live and in person on ECW from Tucson (10/9 CT tonight on Sci Fi), where he plans to raise hell and toss back a few—beers and ECW Superstars, if need be.

It's anticipated that the mudhole-stompin' Texan will show up to reveal his views on proper officiating. But given his history with Mr. McMahon, can Austin call the Battle of the Billionaires down the middle? Will past bias cloud the Rattlesnake's judgment? Expect some "stunning" answers when Stone Cold visits the Land of Extreme tonight on ECW on Sci Fi.

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