Pitchin' with Tazz

If you’re an ECW fan and anywhere near Central Islip, N.Y. tonight, you might want to head over to Citibank Park. Tonight at 7:05 p.m., Tazz will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the Atlantic League baseball game between the Long Island Ducks and the Atlantic City Surf. The Long Island native is a huge Ducks fan, and was originally only going to the game as a fan.

“Both myself and Mick Foley are huge Ducks fans, and we frequent Ducks games,” Tazz noted. “Whenever I’m going to a game I let them know, because they take care of me…hey, I’m Tazz, you know? Anyway, when I told them I’d be coming tonight, they asked me if I wanted to throw out the first pitch. So I said sure…I just hope I make it to home plate.”

While he’s never thrown out a pitch for the Ducks, this won’t be the first time Tazz has toed the mound.

“The biggest one was when I threw out the first pitch for a Mets vs. Dodgers game at Shea Stadium about three years ago,” he recalled, “which was awesome because I’m a gigantic Mets fan. At the time my son came with me, but he couldn’t appreciate it because he was only about two years old.”

Tazz then joked that in a later appearance, his son actually outpitched him.

“I threw out a pitch at a Trenton Thunder (New York Yankees’ minor league affiliate) game a couple years ago, and he came again. I threw the ball horribly, but he was on the mound with me and threw almost a perfect strike. He got a better pop than me,” he laughed. “He’ll be at the game with me tonight as well.”

If that happens again tonight, Tazz knows that he’ll never hear the end of it.

“I coach my son’s Little League team, and we’re going with the other coach and his son,” Tazz said. “(The other coach) is a former minor league pitcher, so if I don’t reach the plate I’ll get it from all ends; my wife, the coach, the kids, everyone.”

Fellow color commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler will be throwing out the first pitch at a Cleveland Indians game this weekend. When I mentioned that to Tazz, he had a very tongue-in-cheek message to pass along to Lawler.

“Well, I hope he doesn’t throw his shoulder out when he throws the pitch,” Tazz joked, “because at his age, his arm could fall off. But seriously, you can’t really compare the major league Indians to the Ducks…although with the shape the Indians are in, having an old-timer like Lawler tossing the first pitch is the least of their worries.”

The Ducks won their division in the first-half of the Atlantic League season and are currently in first place again, so they have a lot to be proud about. And if all goes well tonight, ECW’s color commentator may be able to add a new catchphrase to his vocabulary: “I’m Tazz…face Tazz if you can, get a hit if I let you!”

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