Battle for supremacy

Tonight at WWE vs. ECW Head to Head, both RAW and SmackDown will battle sports-entertainment’s newest brand in a fight for momentum. In addition to Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam and John Cena vs. Sabu, 20 WWE and ECW Superstars will collide in a Battle Royal. Only some of the names in the Battle Royal are known right now, but some of the WWE Superstars already announced are looking forward to stepping into the ring with ECW.

United States Champion Bobby Lashley for one wants to prove that his brand is the best. “Anytime we go up against a different brand, we’re defending SmackDown’s honor,” the champion told “It’s definitely a pride thing because everyone is fighting for their own brand. ECW has some tough guys and RAW also has a tough brand, but SmackDown has the strongest, baddest and toughest guys around so we will make a big statement in this Battle Royal.”

For Finlay, the opponents don’t matter as much as the opportunity for a new fight. “I don’t care who it is, as long as there are a lot of people in there and a lot of bodies to hit,” said the fighting Irishman. “Everyone knows I’ve all types of people all over the world. I’ve had more fights than most people have had hot dinners. ECW doesn’t faze me at all; I will crack heads no matter who they are.”

Mark Henry echoed Finlay’s sentiments somewhat, sending a warning to everyone in the Battle Royal. “I suggest that everybody should stay away from me. My intent is always to win and what happens in the process of me winning I really don’t care,” warned the World’s Strongest Man. “If your body is in the way of me getting to the top then you have to be hurt. That goes for everyone, not just ECW guys…everybody needs to stay the hell out of my way.”

The RAW brand will be represented by some of its best Superstars, including Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship, Edge. RAW’s largest athlete, the 7 foot 2, 500-pound Big Show, also offered a warning to his opponents. “You saw what I did Monday night when I stormed the ring to help Cena,” he said, “so just imagine what I’m going to do tonight.”

As the hours tick away, the time for talking is almost over. Who else will be in this big Battle Royal, and which brand will gain the momentum heading into ECW One Night Stand?

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