ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

As part of this historic Web feature, you -- our fans -- will not only have named the uninterrupted ECW video stream on, but you will also have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on Submit Feedback Now

This is your vehicle to have your voice heard. Submit feedback on the show, the stream or shout-out your favorite ECW Superstar or Diva. Check back every week to see if your message made it to this feedback forum!

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Miz, from a hometown boy to another... I am extremely proud of how far you've come. Watching you on The Real World, wishing to be a WWE Superstar, to becoming a real WWE Superstar proves dreams do come true. You rock, Miz. You'll be champ some day, just keep up the good work. 
-- Paul, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

 Can you please tell me why The Miz is getting so much for a simple flick of the hat (two weeks ago)? But hey, if throwing a hat earns you an opportunity at the title, I might just start wearing a hat.
-- Michael, Sunderland, Wisc.

I think The Miz is a wannabe wrestler, and he hasn't done anything in WWE to deserve an ECW Championship match again. Big Daddy V is a force in WWE who has been on a rage. So, if anyone deserves a title shot again, it's him.
-- Seth, Massillon, Ohio

I especially like watching the Divas. They work hard to get to where they are. Unlike other women I've seen, they train hard for their bodies. By the way, The Miz is the biggest jerk for treating Kelly Kelly the way he does!
-- Tony, San Francisco

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