ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

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As part of this historic Web feature, you -- our fans -- will have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on

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This week's ECW was by far better than Raw. I loved it. Every match was intense and made for a really enjoyable episode. The Halloween set looked very creative, which personally took to me straight away. It was also good to see Boogeyman back in the ECW picture (even if it wasn't a match-up). I can't wait for the next show! Once again, ECW is showing why it will one day be the biggest out of all three brands in WWE!
- Barney from Jersey, Miss.

I enjoyed watching the No.1 Contender's Match between John Morrison and The Miz. John Morrison proved once again that he is "The New Face of Extreme." During the match, Morrison displayed his impressive in-ring ability and disposed of The Miz. He gave The Miz a "Reality Check" of his own because when it was all said and done, Morrison became the No.1 contender for the ECW Championship.
- Jonathan from Tempe, Ariz.

I thought ECW on Sci Fi was great this week. [ECW] should do another Monster Mash Battle Royal. I would love to see all of WWE's other big guys in there at once like Undertaker, Batista and Umaga.
- Kevin from Merillan, Wis.

This week's show was… quite out of the ordinary. I loved the Extreme Rules Match with Tommy Dreamer and Nunzio. This match-up was a triple threat in its own way because Nunzio had the pies to the face, he had the pumpkin to the face and he had the apple bucket to the face. I love hardcore matches like this one.
- Milca Ceballos from Miami

ECW is a good show with talented Superstars like Elijah Burke and John Morrison. My favorite moment of this week's ECW on Sci Fi was when Boogeyman gave the kids candy. Watching this week, I suddenly realized that I would love to see Boogeyman get a Boogey-Queen by his side. Let me also just say that I thought it was a huge mistake to not put Kevin Thorn in the Halloween show; he and Boogeyman should have been part of the ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal.
- Daniel from Toronto

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