ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

As part of the historic Web feature known as the ECW X-Stream, you -- our fans -- have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on 
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This is your vehicle to have your voice heard. Submit feedback on the show, the stream or shout-out to your favorite ECW Superstar or Diva. Check back every week to see if your message made it to this feedback forum!

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Awesome! Big Show, Kane and CM Punk rock! The show gets more and more exciting. Mike Adamle, Kofi Kingston, and Shelton Benjamin should face off in either an Extreme Rules or Last Man Standing Match. Thank you WWE for bringing back ECW.
-Faran Shehab from Greenwich, Conn.
I've never seen Big Show more focused in his entire career. On a side note, Mike Adamle has improved a lot.
-Tyler Roderick from Chicago

Adamle is doing just fine … He is not why ratings drop. Looking forward to the next draft! I'd like to see Tommy Dreamer fight Kane and win the gold before he retires or gets injured. I wish folks would leave Punk alone. He is a great role model for the age group that the WWE Kids Magazine is trying to keep. Kudos for his clean lifestyle! Bet he gets more "chick mail" than The Miz.
-Susan Flores Hamshire, Texas

I think Mike Adamle's commentary is great. All he has to do is not sound too serious. But Mike, hang in there and I know you'll be awesome. YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!
-David Masannat from Los Angeles  

Adamle is getting better, but we really want Joey back. It's like taking Michael Cole from SmackDown and J.R. from Raw. It just doesn't feel right.
-Rob Williams from Miami

As a journalism major, I wanted to say that although Mike Adamle did struggle in the beginning, he has made a nice transition. Covering something you know little or nothing about is beyond difficult and people don't realize how hard it is to sit with a mic and fill in an hour of television. I know you shouldn't praise anyone for doing their job, but his progress should be acknowledged. Not to say he doesn't need to continue to improve, but he has really made a 180 degree turn from when he first came in.
-Dan Racioppo from Yonkers, N.Y.

Mike should stay at the broadcast booth for ECW because he is doing better and should not be drafted to Raw or SmackDown.
-Conner Hennosy from Columbus, Ohio

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