ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

As part of the historic Web feature known as the ECW X-Stream, you -- our fans -- have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on 
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This is your vehicle to have your voice heard. Submit feedback on the show, the stream or shout-out to your favorite ECW Superstar or Diva. Check back every week to see if your message made it to this feedback forum!

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I love the idea of CM Punk going for the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship; he really deserves it. However, I am worried that if he does then he'll start wrestling on [SmackDown and Raw] rather than ECW.
- Joel from Kent, Ga.

Great main event on Tuesday's ECW! Congratulations to Kane & CM Punk on their victories. Colin Delaney, you can't win a match without a little attitude and aptitude. You, my friend, are gong to have to get downright mean and let yourself go all out if you want to earn that WWE contract.
- Carl from Terre Haute, Ind.

What the ECW General Manager did to Colin Delaney was horrible. Colin deserves an ECW contract! Also, thanks for the memories "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. I will miss seeing you on Raw, ECW and SmackDown! I really enjoyed watching you wrestle. WOOOOOOOO!
- Daphne from Eugene, Ore.

I think CM Punk should fight for the United States Championship. Also, I want Vickie Guerrero to be the Assistant Manager of SmackDown and Teddy Long to be the General Manager. Thanks for reading my message and I want Tazz to be back on ECW again, he's awesome.
- Gerardo from San Diego

Chavo Guerrero must be insane to even think that Kane's victory over him was a fluke. What Kane did was perfect strategy for a veteran; he caught Chavo off guard. My favorite match this week had to be Kane and CM Punk decimating Chavo and Shelton Benjamin. I always like a good tag team, and that's what Punk & Kane are. If I were Punk, I would aim for the WWE Championship. Save the fans from RKO!
- Max from Madison, N.J.

The Miz & Morrison's Dirt Sheet on is a great program. It should be shown on SmackDown weekly! I love the chemistry between the two, especially Morrison's one-liners.
- Kevin from Justice, Ill.

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