ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

As part of the historic Web feature known as the ECW X-Stream, you -- our fans -- have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on 
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This is your vehicle to have your voice heard. Submit feedback on the show, the stream or shout-out to your favorite ECW Superstar or Diva. Check back every week to see if your message made it to this feedback forum!

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It's good to see CM Punk get some payback. Chavo is the worst wrestler I have ever seen; he doesn't know the definition of the word "extreme." All he knows to do is cheat. CM Punk is the champ and always will be!
- Matthew from Teaneck, N.J.

Chavo is a good champion and should remain champion: The grand champion. Viva la Raza! When the Guerreros are on TV, it just makes everything better. Chavo is even pulling out moves that others wish they could do. The Guerrero family is the best.
- Pancho from El Paso, Texas

The Gulf of Mexico Match was great. It was nice to see Chavo go for a swim, courtesy of CM Punk.
- Bryan from New York

The Divas match was hot, especially Kelly Kelly. I am glad to see Michelle McCool is back wrestling after what Chuck Palumbo did to her a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown. I hope Jamie Noble can beat him again so the bike-riding baby gets real mad. Good luck, Jamie.
- Mike from Ogdensburg, N.Y.

CM Punk was screwed out of the ECW Title; Chavo couldn't beat him so he had to have Edge help him out. In my opinion, Chavo should be stripped of the title.
- Jerry from Springfield, Ohio

Elijah Burke or Shelton Benjamin should get a chance at the ECW Championship; they're both top wrestlers and they deserve it. CM Punk is a great wrestler, but you've got to respect Chavo Guerrero. He's from one of the best wrestling families in the world. Chavo Guerrero is a great addition to ECW.
- John from St. Louis

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