ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

ECW Die Hard Fan Feedback

As part of the historic Web feature known as the ECW X-Stream, you -- our fans -- have the opportunity to sound off on the action each week on 
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This is your vehicle to have your voice heard. Submit feedback on the show, the stream or shout-out to your favorite ECW Superstar or Diva. Check back every week to see if your message made it to this feedback forum!

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Chavo Guerrero is a real punk and he is a disgrace to the Guerrero name. Chavo hasn't won a World Championship in WWE yet, and never will. He got his butt whooped by Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Kane and a whole bunch of other Superstars. Chavo keeps on talking about how he (luckily) beat Rey Mysterio in an "I Quit" Match. So what?! You got lucky, Chavo. He's nothing but a damn punk living in the past.
- Stuart from Dalzell, S.C.

Yang & Moore are on a roll and Morrison & Miz's title reign is coming to a much needed end. Also, Chavo thinking he should be ECW Champion is a joke. CM PUNK FOREVER!
- Tim from St. Louis, Mo.

Where did that Colin whatever-his-name-is come from? He's got to be out of his mind facing a 500-pound giant like Big Daddy V. I guess I've got to give him credit; he's crazy, but he's got to have some guts, too.
- Ann from Hartford, Conn.

CM Punk showed that not only is he athletically gifted, but also crafty in his count out win against Chavo Guerrero on ECW. Straightedge continues to cut his path to greatness.
- Mario from San Antonio, Texas

Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang deserve to be tag team champions!!! They have tons of talent and they should get to show it off more like they have been recently.
- Holly from Perrysville, Ohio

Hello, Elijah Burke. I think your New Year's Resulotion is great. I think that you will be the next ECW Champion. Respekt to you, Elijah, and do the best you can in the ring in 2008.
- Richard from Gothenburg, Sweden

OMG! I love ECW and CM Punk as champ is the best thing ECW ever had. Plus, Punk is sexy.
- Macie from Jacksonville, Fla.

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