Losing his Swagger

Losing his Swagger

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Christmas arrived early for two Extreme Superstars -- Yoshi Tatsu and Vance Archer -- as the Extreme newcomers earned victories in two more ECW Homecoming Qualifying Matches on ECW on Syfy.

ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match: Yoshi Tatsu def. Jack Swagger  (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Former ECW Champion Jack Swagger returned to the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night to participate in the ECW Homecoming. "The All-American American" took on one of ECW's newest and brightest stars, Yoshi Tatsu.

Despite Swagger's strong, and dominating effort, he fell to a final buzzsaw kick by the Japanese Superstar, and returns to Raw without a future chance to reclaim the ECW Championship. The exciting young Tatsu celebrated his monumental victory and has qualified for the Homecoming Finale along with Kane, Vance Archer and Ezekiel Jackson, the latter who faces Vladimir Kozlov on "WWE Superstars" Thursday night on WGN America at 8/7 CT.

Tune in to ECW on Syfy next Tuesday night at 10/9 CT when ECW Alum Evan Bourne and former ECW Champion Matt Hardy return for the ECW Homecoming and will compete in a series of matches that will determine who will face ECW Champion Christian for the title at Royal Rumble.

ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match: Vance Archer def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In Tuesday's ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match, Vance Archer earned his spot in the The Homecoming Finale with a victory over Goldust. The intense newcomer bested the WWE veteran in one of the biggest victories of his young career. Archer is painting his "masterpiece of agony" on ECW, enjoying every moment of demolishing his competition in the Land of the Extreme.

Last week, ECW General Manager Tiffany announced an exciting, new concept that will determine who receives the next ECW Championship Match. Over four weeks, the ECW General Manager will invite former ECW Superstars to compete with current ECW Superstars in The ECW Homecoming. Sixteen Superstars compete one-on-one and eight will advance to The Homecoming Finale, featuring an Over-the-Top Rope Challenge on the Jan. 12 edition of ECW on Syfy. The winner of the Challenge will receive an ECW Title Match against Christian at Royal Rumble!

Zack Ryder def. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After former ECW Champion "The All-American American" Jack Swagger re-introduced himself to the WWE Universe on ECW on Syfy (WATCH), Zack Ryder returned to the ring -- with Rosa Mendes by his side -- to take on Tommy Dreamer. Ryder had been tormenting the ECW Original for weeks, telling Dreamer his career is finished, and that he'd be the Superstar to end it. Despite his formidable fight, Dreamer fell to Ryder's Zack Attack.

"The Abraham Washington Show" with Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft (PHOTOS | WATCH)
ECW's newest tag team joined the critically-acclaimed "Abraham Washington Show" to discuss their plan to redefine ECW's New Superstar Initiative.

"Miz & Morrison? They were all right. Hart Dynasty? Whatever. Barreta & Croft? We're taking it to the next level," Barreta bragged. "You can't compare N64 to Xbox 360."

It's a bold statement from the video game playing best buddies, but they've promised to be the next WWE Tag Team Champions by next year's ECW Homecoming.

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