Why, Chavo? Why?

Why, Chavo? Why?

Not a soul in the Land of the Extreme foresaw the vile assailment of CM Punk at the hands of Chavo Guerrero on the last ECW on Sci Fi.

Unseen in the ring -- and WWE programming in general -- for months, Guerrero made his startling return on ECW and along with that, immediate impact on the Straightedge Champion.

Punk's week began beneath the crushing weight of Big Daddy V at Armageddon and continued in a taxing Champion vs. Champion contest against MVP that concluded with a post-match attack by the United States Champion. Despite the physical wear on his tattooed body, the fighting ECW Champion started to writhe on the mat.

Enter Chavo.

The WWE Superstar with a namesake synonymous with war unexpectedly crept to the squared circle and worsened the wreckage -- before Punk could even rise to his feet. Landing his Three Amigos suplex succession and signature frog splash, Chavo left the Straightedge Superstar battered like a piñata at a Guerrero family fiesta.

With integrity clearly absent from his hostile soul, the former multiple-time Cruiserweight Champion relentlessly battered the pre-weakened CM Punk. And for those deplorable actions, the world restlessly awaits the reasoning for such a volatile assault.

Why would Chavo Guerrero choose to make such an impact in the Land of the Extreme, on its titleholder?

The cause behind the effect could be any number of reasons. It could be that Guerrero selected CM Punk due to some previously unobserved personal issue. Might the root of the issue be something as simple as a miscommunication in the locker room area before ECW on Sci Fi? Or was it just the wrong place, wrong time for the Straightedge Champion?

Chavo was last seen uttering two very powerful words in an "I Quit" Match against Rey Mysterio. In light of this loss and Chavo's aggression-riddled past, was the attack spawned by jealousy? Was an envious Chavo at home one day watching WWE programming when he suddenly saw the Straightedge Superstar proudly carrying the ECW Title -- gold that this Guerrero has never held?

Unlike others in his lineage, Chavo has never stepped foot in an ECW ring. Has he chosen the Land of the Extreme to be his new home? If so, CM Punk has managed to earn himself yet another shadow to search for when looking over this gold-bearing shoulder. Knowing the tenacious ECW Champion, not only will he welcome a competitor as gifted as Guerrero, Punk might just seek out Chavo on the very first ECW on Sci Fi of 2008.

Stay tuned to ECW on Sci Fi and Friday Night SmackDown in the coming weeks as this newly forged rivalry continues to unfold.

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