Armageddon aftershock

Armageddon aftershock

BALTIMORE -- The fallout from Armageddon carried over into the Land of Extreme, as ECW Champion Matt Hardy found himself not only having to defend the name of his brother and new WWE Champion, Jeff Hardy, but his ECW Championship as well.

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World Tag Team Champions & Jack Swagger def. CM Punk, Kofi Kingston & Ricky Ortiz (WATCH | PHOTOS)
CM Punk and Kofi Kingston came into the night's match with an opportunity at avenging their loss of the World Tag Team Championship to John Morrison and The Miz. Despite a valiant effort, it was the cocky youngster, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger, who brought victory to his team by destroying Ricky Ortiz with a brutal gutwrench powerbomb.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS)
Chavo Guerrero got more than he bargained for when he followed orders from SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero to "take care" of ECW Champion Matt Hardy on ECW.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy kicked off ECW by congratulating his brother and new WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. However, Chavo interrupted claiming Matt helped Jeff steal the WWE Championship from Edge. But before more verbal barbs could be thrown at Hardy, ECW General Manager Theodore Long entered the arena to inform Chavo that the two would square off right then and there in a title match. In the end, Chavo couldn't back up his words as the champion silenced the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" with a Twist of Fate, successfully defending his title.

Finlay def. Gavin Spears (PHOTOS)
Fresh off a victory over Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl at Armageddon, Finlay continued his winning ways by defeating Gavin Spears with a Celtic Cross. And just like at Armageddon, Finlay's good luck charm proved to be his son, Hornswoggle, who was at ringside. The pint-sized prankster was up to his old tricks, splashing water on ECW announcer Matt Striker at the start of the match, and stealing Striker's "Announce Team of the Year" Slammy from the announce table.

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