Against the odds

Lashley's one-man mission continued this week on ECW on Sci Fi against two men of another mission, as the fighting ECW World Champion faced Paul Heyman's Private Security Force in a Handicap Match. (WATCH)

Even in a 2-on-1 situation, the new champion used his incredible strength and raw force to overcome his masked opponents and avoid a post-match attack by the Security Force. Lashley used one of his opponents' own batons against them and left the black clad guards dismantled -- proving that nothing can stand in this Extremist's way.

Dominating the last few remnants of the "Messiah's" administration, Lashley may have finally closed the lid on Heyman's regime.

In other action, the Extreme Elimination Chamber fallout continued as Rob Van Dam met ECW's Impact Player Test. This blow-for-blow encounter culminated as Test used the ring ropes as leverage in a pinfall situation, stealing a victory from RVD.

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, CM Punk faced Hardcore Holly in a gritty, smash-mouth confrontation. Holly lost the match by disqualification for using a closed fist and ignoring the referee's count. The battle continued after the bell rang as Punk retaliated and forced Holly to tap to the Anaconda Vise. (WATCH)

Other Extremists made their presence felt on this week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi as well. Matt Striker shared a very special lesson with ECW fans by inviting Balls Mahoney to the head of the class. The result of the Extreme Educator's insults led to Balls taking exception -- and Striker landing a low-blow to take the ECW Original down.

Finally, Tommy Dreamer called out The Great Khali and laid out a challenge that was answered by Daivari. Dreamer picked up a victory but received yet another chokeslam on the hard arena floor from Khali in the aftermath. In addition, the "knockout/tap-out connection" Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay had a special message for Extremists. (WATCH)


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