A night of champions

A night of champions

BOSTON — Gold was the color of the night on ECW on Sci Fi as four championship titles made their way through the Land of the Extreme.

Batista may have his Triple Threat Match at Armageddon on his mind, but he needed to set those thoughts aside momentarily for ECW. The Animal experienced just as much success as he did last week when he defeated Elijah Burke on SmackDown, despite the fact that the rematch was on the Guiding Light's territory. Just days away from his date with destiny at the pay-per-view, Batista made the Land of the Extreme shake on his way to a powerful victory.

In other Tuesday night action, Kelly Kelly received a wake-up call back to reality as the tandem of Layla & Victoria proved to be too much for the blond beauty in their Handicap Match. The Miz has spent weeks trying to make Kelly's life a living hell, scheduling match after match. Kelly, however, has managed to fair well in those contests, for the most part. But in her task at taking on two Divas at once, Kelly fell short. A bright spot for the former member of Extreme Exposé came after the bell when Michelle McCool rushed to her side.

When he's not busy making life difficult for Kelly, The Miz is finding success of his own in the squared circle. His success with John Morrison continues as the unlikely pair showed why they are the WWE Tag Team Champions when they took on Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang. Individually, the Shaman of Sexy and the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" are tough athletes for anyone to face. Together, they have been one of the most successful forces in sports-entertainment today.

Outside of the ring, Shelton Benjamin reminded our fans that he is the new gold standard in ECW. Will he prove to make a great impact on ECW? Only time will tell.

The evening began when ECW Champion CM Punk teamed up with Kane to defeat former WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino. SmackDown's Big Red Machine has had the Straightedge Superstar's back. Together, the duo may have found a formula to outmatch both ECW and SmackDown competition. (WATCH) More on this story...

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