With a little help from her friends

With a little help from her friends

After a streak of success in the ring, Kelly Kelly felt reality hit her hard when she found herself on the losing end of two matches in a single week. Bits of The Miz's mission to make the blonde's life a living hell have begun to show through; however, one thing the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" hasn't been able to do is alienate her.

Kelly's recent string of tough luck kicked off with a Handicap Match on ECW when the combined efforts of Layla & Victoria proved to be more than she could handle. Kelly was left in the ring, bruised and battered. There was no Extreme Exposé to stand behind her. The Miz, the man who controls her contract, was watching backstage with that sinister smile on his face. But suddenly, Michelle McCool unexpectedly rushed to her side.

Good times or bad, one thing is for sure; Kelly has a strong support system. Balls Mahoney has been there for her since the day they shared that forbidden glance that led to ECW's favorite romance. In fact, the ECW Original even defended her when The Miz came out to laugh at Kelly's misfortune, which can be seen in the WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video at the end of the ECW X-Stream.

Kelly chose a difficult route when she agreed to date Balls. She gave up her fellow dancers and she went against her contract owner's wishes. But she is not traveling the path alone. With a love interest who kisses the ground she walks on and a friend who is ready to jump into the line of fire for her, Kelly is in good shape to continue overcoming the obstacles that The Miz keeps throwing her way.

Her newfound friendship with Michelle may be just what the blond bombshell needs to keep up with The Miz and his reality check-dealing antics. The All-American Girl is a proven fighter who can help Kelly continue her push to be a true threat to the Diva roster. The two also add up to a formidable tag team that may not have gotten the better of Layla & Victoria on SmackDown, but certainly could if they were to battle again down the road.

What challenges will The Miz send in her direction? And how will Kelly and her allies respond? Watch ECW on Sci Fi every Tuesday at 10/9 CT to find out.

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