Newfound fire burns

Newfound fire burns

BOSTON — As foreboding a duo Big Daddy V and Mark Henry are, the unlikely tandem of ECW Champion CM Punk and the Big Red Machine just might have the right antidote to counteract the half-ton terrors' recent trail of dominance.

The Straightedge Superstar and Kane faced former WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino in a true test of their cohesive capabilities before Armageddon. Skillfully weaving their unique in-ring talents, the champion and the 7-foot hellfire-fueled demon prevailed, just days before they battle the biggest threat in WWE today. (WATCH)

Thrust together by ECW General Manager Armando Estrada to combat the colossal combo of the World's Strongest Man and The Dominating Force in WWE, the Straightedge Champion and Kane proved to be a fully functioning squad on ECW on Sci Fi. Despite the newfound fire in these two Superstars' partnership, their enemies -- Henry and Big Daddy V -- are the largest, most volatile team to ever set girthy foot in the Land of the Extreme.

It was just weeks ago that the Extreme Mastodon found himself standing hoof-to-hoof with Mark Henry. The SmackDown monster aided the 500-pound ECW Superstar in dismantling Kane. Before they could do the same to CM Punk last week, the Big Red Monster interrupted their beastly feast. This Sunday at Armageddon, the odds will be evened (though the scales might not be) in a huge tag team encounter.

Though not in action this week, the bellicose behemoths -- and their craven associate, Matt Striker -- had a chilling message for their Sunday night opponents. (WATCH)

"Kane, your decade of destruction, fire and brimstone will all be over at Armageddon," bellowed Big Daddy V.

"You have one option," Henry told CM Punk, "Run."

Might Henry and V be as unstoppable as they claim? Or do CM Punk and Kane wield the necessary weapons to tame sports-entertainment's most lethal beasts?

Watch the pay-per-view collision between these four Superstars at Armageddon, live this Sunday at 8//7 CT.

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