Mission accomplished

On ECW on Sci Fi, Lashley proved that he is worthy of the ECW World Championship.

Early in the night, Big Show said Lashley couldn't beat him one-on-one. He claimed the only reason Lashley won at December to Dismember was that the former champ had to fight off five extremists with weapons.

Although Big Show was dominant for most of the match, Lashley proved the Extreme Giant's sentiment wrong when he kicked out of the Chokeslam then hoisted Big Show over his head in a demonstration of brute strength. Lashley pinned him to retain the ECW World Title. (WATCH)

The four other competitors from Sunday's Extreme Elimination Chamber Match faced off in tag team action. Still visibly banged up from the Chamber's brutalities, Rob Van Dam and CM Punk teamed together against Test and Hardcore Holly. RVD and Punk dedicated their match to Sabu, who was unable to compete Sunday after being attacked in the locker room area.

Holly was about to tap out to CM Punk's Anaconda Vice when the Security Force stormed the ring. The henchmen attacked the straight-edge Extremist until Sabu unexpectedly rushed in with a chair. With one arm in a sling from Sunday's attack, Sabu flung the chair wildly. CM Punk joined in and retaliated against one of the Security Force members, giving him the Anaconda Vice. RVD followed up with a Five-Star Frogsplash, and Sabu finished him off with an Atomic Arabian Facebuster.

In other action, Kelly Kelly and Ariel continued their rivalry. Although Ariel took the early advantage, Kelly rolled up the sultry succubus for the win. After the match, Kelly's boyfriend Mike Knox came to the ring with red roses and apologized on bended knee. At December to Dismember, he left her to fend for herself against Kevin Thorn and Ariel. Knox explained that it was a mistake and begged for forgiveness. Kelly accepted his outstretched hand, but Knox changed his tune and said he was sorry he had waited so long to dump her. Then he pelted her in the face with the roses and laid her out with a Spinning Reverse STO. (WATCH)

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring for his match with Daivari with a taped shoulder. Sunday, The Great Khali Chokeslammed the ECW Original on the unforgiving steel stage. In the match, Daivari worked on Dreamer's injured shoulder, but Dreamer was able to rally back with the support of ECW fans who were cheering him on. After the match, Khali came out and Chokeslammed Dreamer on a steel chair.


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