Power of twos

Power of twos

FLORENCE, S.C. -- Whether it was official tag teams or two mammoth-sized Superstars looking to bring pain to the ECW Champion's life, wanderers of the Land of the Extreme were seeing twos.

The Beauty & the Beast tandem of Kelly Kelly & Balls Mahoney proved that their perfect formula of good looks and brawn make up a force in the mixed tag team sect in the world of sports-entertainment. ECW's favorite couple earned a win against SmackDown's Victoria & Kenny Dykstra when ECW on Sci Fi aired at a special time on Thursday night. The ECW Original rolled Dykstra into an inescapable package, leaving Kenny and his significant other stunned.

The Miz can be thanked for Kelly's recent return to the ring, pitting her in hand-picked contests in an attempt to make her life a living hell. The blond beauty has managed to persevere, however, and has found a way to no longer be one of the hottest Divas only outside the ring, but inside as well.

ECW kicked off with the WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz. The once seemingly unlikely pair earned a hard fought victory against the Major Brothers when the Shaman of Sexy got the three-count on Brett. Morrison & The Miz certainly rubbed each other the wrong way in the beginning, but like their WWE Tag Team Champion predecessors, Matt Hardy & Montel Vontavious Porter, they have added up to a very successful combination.

Another force taking the Land of the Extreme by storm is its newest Superstar, Shelton Benjamin. The self-proclaimed "Gold Standard" of sports-entertainment told our fans that they will like him. Audiences prefer a winner, and that's exactly what Benjamin is. To further prove his case, Shelton gave Jimmy Wang Yang a heapin' helpin' of his own "magic" on his way to his third consecutive victory since moving over from Raw.

In other ECW action, Kevin Thorn continued his streak of recent success in convincing fashion. Also, our fans caught their first glimpse of Kofi Kingston, a man who is prepared for trouble in the Tuesday night paradise of ECW. (WATCH)

The evening concluded with ECW Champion CM Punk's Champion's Choice Match. Despite being set to face only one of the monsters between Big Daddy V and Mark Henry, having been dealt the latter, the Straightedge Superstar had his hands filled with both. Punk had some monstrous help of his own, however, as Kane came to his aid. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

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