Choosey champs choose ...

Choosey champs choose ...

FLORENCE, S.C. — It appeared that any choice CM Punk made on ECW on Sci Fi was going to be a painful one. Such proved to be the case on Thursday night until the Big Red Machine came to exact retribution on the gargantuan duo of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. By the end of the night, it seemed the aligned behemoths may have been the ones who made a critical choice -- a wrong one -- when they attacked Kane a week earlier. (WATCH)

It was to be the "Champion's Choice," where the Straightedge Superstar would answer the challenge of either the 500-pound beast known by the letter "V" or the World's Strongest Man from SmackDown. With all signs illuminating a no-win situation for Punk, the ECW Champion abandoned choice and threw caution to the winds of chance.

No matter what, the Straightedge Superstar was prepared to compete against either giant, and opted to leave the decision in the sinister hands of Matt Striker. A coin toss later, the ring bell sounded to commence a competitive contest between Punk and the World's Strongest Man.

Clearly outsized and overpowered, CM Punk fought and kept his head above water during the taxing encounter. Averting near decapitation from Henry's repeated clotheslines and crushing body blows, the ECW Champion still sustained a steady attack of quick kicks.

The educated feet of Punk, however, only got him so far until the lingering 500-pound mastodon outside the ring got involved. Wedged between both The Dominating Force in WWE and the self-touted king of the SmackDown jungle, the champion earned a victory by disqualification, but fell to the Titanic-sized pair.

Suddenly, a fiery blaze signaled the intervention of Kane, who was similarly victimized by this oversized ogres on the previous edition on ECW on Sci Fi. Just more than one week ago, the quarter-ton titans obliterated the Big Red Monster in the final moments of his Extreme Rules Match against Big Daddy V. Given the intent in the big booted stride of Kane, the destructive SmackDown Superstar was seeking -- physical -- reprisal.

Wielding a steel chair, the frenzied 7-footer advanced toward the battle to the aid of the Straightedge Champion. The Big Red Machine dueled weapons with Big Daddy and Henry (who also bore chairs), blasting the Extreme Mastodon and causing his other foe to flee.

Fortunately for CM Punk, the odds were evened up on ECW on Sci Fi. Otherwise, the combined brutality of Striker's assemblage may have yielded permanent damage to the ECW Champion and possibly jeopardized his reign. Though Kane thwarted any additional injury, connecting cold steel with the vast back of Big Daddy V will likely not be enough for the Big Red Monster.

What lies ahead for these four individuals? And what implications does it have on WWE's next pay-per-view extravaganza, Armageddon? Stay tuned to and ECW on Sci Fi, as it returns to its regularly scheduled night on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

What you didn't see on ECW on Sci Fi: Watch ECW General Manager Armando Estrada's solution to this four-man war, exclusively on WWE Mobile on AT&T.

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