Striking it rich?

Striking it rich?

Almost miss Matt Striker on the latest edition of ECW on Sci Fi? That's probably because he has recently been squeezed between two of the largest men in sports-entertainment today: Big Daddy V and Mark Henry.

Weeks ago, the World's Strongest Man plowed his way into the Land of the Extreme to assist The Dominating Force in WWE in a grisly mauling of Kane. Since then, Henry and Striker's own beast, Big Daddy V, seemed to have forged an inhuman alliance -- one of the biggest ever assembled in WWE history.

The only man who appears to be safe from this colossal coalition is the self-affirmed smartest man in WWE: Striker, himself. And, given this brand-new pact between behemoths, it's truly difficult to argue with his aptitude.

For months, Striker and the 500-pound giant have torn through the Land of the Extreme. The apparent "handler" of the Extreme Mastodon has certainly enjoyed the benefits of being aligned with such a highly feared force. Now, the additional threat of Henry adds inconceivable gravity to the danger that awaits ECW, SmackDown and the globe at large.

Conspiracy theorists would argue that this pairing of monsters is no coincidence, but rather a well-orchestrated plot that included an extremely well-executed attack plan on both Kane and ECW Champion CM Punk. Examining the very few who benefit, of all parties involved, Striker would appear to be the prime conspirer, the "hustle behind the muscle."

The wreckage wrought throughout the Land of the Extreme over the past few weeks (and possibly at the upcoming pay-per-view event, Armageddon) could all very well be the contrived scheme of the ECW mastermind. If you're the shrewd, cunning former school teacher, it wouldn't hurt to be riding the oversized coattails of this monstrous duo. In fact, paired with the behemoths' might, Striker's intellect and mental astuteness could be the next big force to be reckoned with in WWE.

It's almost unimaginable what level of damage is possible with the combined efforts of both Henry and V, a half-ton of hellacious warbeasts. Equally unimaginable is the attainable success of this tandem -- from tag gold to heavyweight championships. There's certainly plenty for them to gain and synch in the realm of sports-entertainment.

It remains to be seen if the partnership between Big Daddy V and Henry is temporary. Just as quickly as the World's Strongest Man appeared at the side of the 500-pounder, the SmackDown menace could return to his Friday night jungle to resume his solitary stalk. However, if they do stick together, can anyone stop this duo?

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