Countdown to dismemberment

Just days before December to Dismember this Sunday, all hell is breaking loose in the Land of Extreme.

Paul Heyman kicked off ECW on Sci Fi by explaining that the four pods in the Extreme Elimination Chamber will each contain one Extremist and one weapon: a steel chair, crowbar, table or a barbed wire baseball bat. While it will be every man for himself this Sunday in the Chamber, the six men would face each other tonight in singles competition, with the main event pitting Lashley against Big Show. (WATCH)

Using his unbelievable strength, ECW's newest Extremist looked like he would again defeat the champ like he did at Survivor Series with the help of John Cena. However, Paul Heyman's Security Force and Test ran in and beat Lashley senseless, resulting in a disqualification. Also, Rob Van Dam defeated fellow ECW Original Sabu, while CM Punk and Test squared off, but both were counted out.

Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay had a strong showing in their ECW in-ring debut, but it wasn't enough to defeat the high flying maneuvers of The Hardys. After the bell however, MNM made a surprise visit and attacked Jeff and Matt from behind, leaving the brothers laid out while the Hollywood darlings mocked them. Monday night on Raw, MNM answered The Hardys' open challenge to any tag team in the world for a match at this Sunday's December to Dismember. (WATCH)


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