Shelton Benjamin raises the bar

Shelton Benjamin raises the bar

In case you didn't get the message last week, Shelton Benjamin is here.

Benjamin is sending the word out loud and clear, storming into the Land of the Extreme with a victory against Tommy Dreamer in his ECW on Sci Fi debut, and then earning an equally convincing win against Shannon Moore the following Tuesday night.

"I am the gold standard," ECW's newest Superstar said during his first opportunity to speak on TV since joining the roster.

It was no coincidence that Benjamin used the word gold to describe the level to which he is raising the bar in ECW. Gold is the main reason for him moving to Tuesday nights -- specifically the ECW Title.

"It's only a matter of time before Shelton Benjamin is ECW Champion," said Benjamin, whose entrance song appropriately contains the lyrics, "Ain't no stopping me now."

Benjamin handpicked the extreme brand as his destination for success. ECW, recently re-signed to Sci Fi, has been the hotbed for competition, nowadays. It is a world that has been dominated by 500-pound monsters like Big Daddy V and experienced experts like Dreamer. If the ECW roster isn't enough, the SmackDown/ECW agreement allows the best competitors from either brand to participate on Tuesday nights. In his decision, Benjamin sees an opportunity to prove himself against all adversity. By choosing ECW, Benjamin is also ensuring that each and every one of our fans has the opportunity to observe his run to the top, with ECW on Sci Fi being the only WWE show to air online in its entirety.

The former Raw Superstar has shown no regard to CM Punk and his success as reigning champion. But as he says, he is not here to make friends. He's here to earn his way to the ECW Championship and to put on a tutorial in the process.

Benjamin is almost as boastful as Elijah Burke, the man to thank for ECW's newest addition, as he managed to recruit Shelton from Raw. The Experience deliveryman is making a run at ECW man of the year in his second attempt to change the face of Tuesday nights. Conveniently, his actions have always made problems for the Straightedge Superstar, who holds the gold Benjamin covets.

To the self-proclaimed greatest athlete in WWE, CM Punk is nothing more than one in a bunch of Superstars who won't be able to get in Benjamin's way of championship status.

"It's like I said on Tuesday night," he explained. "It's just a matter of time before I am ECW Champion. So sit back and watch how it's done."

Is there any stopping Benjamin now? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi, which airs on a special night next week, Thursday at 10/9 CT. Check out ECW in its entirety every week on and catch the X-Stream on a special day -- Friday, at 4 p.m.

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