In the bellies of beasts

In the bellies of beasts

ROANOKE, Va. — The Extreme Rules confrontation between two real-life monsters -- Kane and Big Daddy V -- ended with a victory bellow from The Dominating Force in WWE, but not before a new large menace reared its dreadlocked head: Mark Henry.

The World's Strongest Man made a startling and bone-wrecking appearance at the conclusion of the titans' tussle, in the favor of the 500-pound ECW Superstar. Though a towering, hellfire-fueled demon himself, even the Big Red Monster could not endure the unrestrained wrath of dual beasts. (WATCH)

Since the inauguration of the SmackDown/ECW talent exchange agreement, the Big Red Machine and Big Daddy V exchanged world-shifting blows week after week on both programs. The month-long rivalry between the beefy combatants was scheduled to culminate Tuesday night under the ECW brand's signature contest, an Extreme Rules Match. As they used tables, Singapore canes and literally anything their girthy palms could grasp, the warriors took each other the limit.

The collision that many fans were anxious to witness just about displaced the Roanoke Civic Center, as the arena's foundation quaked beneath the exploding behemoths. Kane's downfall, however, would come as part of an oversized alliance between two of sports-entertainment's most feared competitors on Tuesday night.

With nearly half a ton of humanity in Henry and Big Daddy V's standing shoulder-to-shoulder, a grim pit undoubtedly formed in the stomachs of all those in the Land of the Extreme. What led the World's Strongest Man to his role in Kane's physical decimation? Is this an isolated critical level event or is it the beginning of a new era of enormity in ECW?

Be sure to find out on ECW on a special day next Thursday at 10/9 CT, only on Sci Fi Channel.

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