Champ's Choice: Fans speak

Champ's Choice: Fans speak

You, our fans, have spoken. Right here on, you voted for which mammoth you would like to see CM Punk select in tonight's "Champion's Choice" encounter: Big Daddy V or Mark Henry.

At a margin of 2:1, the World's Strongest Man received the majority of all votes. But even though he was selected by 68 percent of fans, the final choice is still in the hands of the ECW Champion tonight on ECW on Sci Fi.

Should the Straightedge Superstar elect Henry this evening, it would be Punk's very first encounter with the bellicose SmackDown behemoth. For an individual like CM Punk, who craves competition, Henry represents a new challenge. Could this -- along with your ballots on -- be a major motivating factor in his decision?

In terms of motivation, it would be negligent to overlook Punk's previous wars with Big Daddy V and what the Straightedge Superstar has to gain by facing the 500-pounder. The ECW Champion has never pinned the Extreme Mastodon in the ring; in fact, not a single ECW Superstar has. Does this present added incentive for CM Punk to choose The Dominating Force in WWE? Will the champion face the devil that he knows?

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi tonight at 10/9 CT to see what fate CM Punk decides … and if he will survive either of the largest combatants in sports-entertainment today.

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