Budding relationship?

Budding relationship?

Opposites attract — which must be why The Miz and John Morrison can't seem to get along.

Though they'd be the last to admit it, both the self-professed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy share much in common -- from their egocentric mentalities to their (arguably jaded) perception of female adoration. Now, of course, they also share the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The two previously sworn rivals scored big just weeks ago when they defeated SmackDown's Matt Hardy and MVP for the gold. Since then, Miz and Morrison have fared surprisingly well in a slew of tag team contests against other tandems with much tighter bonds. Coming off their questionable yet official victory over Jesse & Festus on ECW on Sci Fi, the faux-hawked Superstar and the Tuesday Night Delight described the evidently begrudged development of their unique relationship.

"Do I like The Miz? No. Do we hang out? No. But we are the WWE Tag Team Champions," Morrison divulged. "I can overlook shortcomings -- a stupid haircut, a funny looking hat, a goofy looking T-shirt -- because we have a common goal: To be champions for as long as we want."

The equally obstinate, yet honest chick magnet explained that his serendipitous success is still success nonetheless. Regardless of how The Miz feels about the man whose hand he now tags in each match, the loud-mouthed ECW Superstar is content enough with the gold around his waist.

"I wouldn't call [John Morrison] a friend," he said, "but the gold has sort of brought us together. We have our clashes, but we're starting to realize that we work well enough together, and any way I can keep the gold, I'll do it."

One would think that a duo with egos barely fitting within the limits of the Land of the Extreme would easily cultivate internal jealousy. After all, it doesn't seem plausible that the Shaman of Sexy and the chick magnet could coexist when they each claim full rights and privileges to the female populace.

"Honestly, my stock was always up with the women," Miz added. "But now, it's just about sky-rocketed. All the chicks still clamor for me and can you blame them? Have you ever seen a team like Miz and John Morrison? What more could you want?"

For two men who each believe themselves to be God's perfectly wrapped gift to women, contempt would presumably breed -- heavily -- between them. They continue to win matches -- but who wins when it comes to the ladies?

"I think our title reign has actually helped The Miz with the ladies," Morrison claimed, stealthily inserting a dig on his cohort. "A little gold helped him back-up his claims about the women that fear him and the men that love him -- or however that goes; I might have said it backwards, but whatever."

Exhibiting his true character in his sarcastic commentary, the Tuesday Night Delight quickly changed gears and went into boast mode.

"As far as I'm concerned," the Shaman said, "the Palace of Wisdom is always fully loaded with the A-list Divas and women from around the world. Together, The Miz and John Morrison are by far the sexiest team in the solar system."

Luck with ladies aside, Miz and Morrison hold the coveted tag titles and as shifty as their relationship may seem, their reign thrives. The Shaman of Sexy and the chick magnet haven't deteriorated yet … and it's quite possible that if they haven't already imploded, they never will.

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