Something to prove

Something to prove

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Looking for a win after Sunday's loss in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, Mark Henry came to Providence ready to trounce the fighting Irishman, Finlay. Watch all of the action unfold in the ECW Quick Cut and check out's exclusive photos.

Mark Henry vs. Finlay (No-contest) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With no love lost between the two, Finlay and Mark Henry battled it out in front of the capacity crowd in the Dunkin' Donuts Center. But before a winner could be determined, chaos ensued when WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas forced Hornswoggle into the ring and Henry hoisted him off the mat. Going into fatherly protection mode, Finlay smashed the World's Strongest Man in the knee with his shillelagh, causing him to go down in pain. Next, the fighting Irishman jumped from the second rope, driving Henry to the canvas again.

Just when it looked like Finlay had Henry where he wanted, the father had to once again come to the rescue of his son, who Atlas was ready to pummel outside the ring. Finlay exited the ring and used his trusty shillelagh to take down the powerful Atlas. Henry retaliated, striking Finlay in the back of the head and slamming him into the ramp barrier. But it was Finlay who ended it, when he viciously smashed both Atlas and Henry with his shillelagh to rescue his son from their grip.

Jack Swagger def. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS)
In Tommy Dreamer's domain -- an Extreme Rules Match -- the ECW Original took on the younger, cockier Jack Swagger in a match that included Kendo sticks, steel chairs, garbage cans and a table. After a few near pinfalls from each Superstar, "The All-American American" abruptly ended the encounter when he drove Dreamer through the table with a commanding Swagger Bomb. The maneuver earned Swagger his second consecutive victory over Dreamer.

DJ Gabriel def. local athlete (PHOTOS)
DJ Gabriel is proving to be a shining star in ECW General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative. With the lovely Alicia Fox in his corner at ringside, the newcomer picked up his second win by destroying his opponent with a Flying European Uppercut.

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