One Man. One Mission.

In his first week on ECW, Lashley wasted no time letting everyone know he had arrived. Not only did he teach Matt Striker a lesson in brutality, but also made it clear to Big Show that he was coming for the ECW World Title. (WATCH)

Boasting that no one could beat him, especially in an Extreme Elimination Chamber, the Extreme Giant found himself being interrupted by Lashley. Unable to control his anger after some heated words between the two, Big Show went after the young challenger. Lashley, however, responded explosively, attacking right back. Big Show will need to regain his composure in order to be an effective team captain this Sunday at Survivor Series. (WATCH)

The main event for ECW on Sci Fi saw Rob Van Dam face Hardcore Holly in an Extreme Rules Match. Van Dam has faced continuous roadblocks from Paul Heyman in his quest to recapture the ECW World Title. At the last minute, Heyman added a stipulation to the match: if RVD lost, Holly would get his spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at December to Dismember. Without that spot, RVD would have no way of capturing the gold. (WATCH)

The men took turns brutalizing each other with both their fists and a steel chair. After massive carnage on both sides, Rob Van Dam fought back. The embattled Extremist amazed everyone when he was able to finish off Holly with a devastating Five-Star Frog Splash, securing his shot at the ECW World Title at December to Dismember. (WATCH)

Making their first tag team appearance in four years, The Hardys took on the FBI. Looking agile as ever, the highflying brothers from North Carolina electrified the crowd. The victory over Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido will give the Hardys some valuable momentum as they head into Survivor Series with DX and ECW's own, CM Punk.

However, the straightedge Extremist had to deal with his own battles before Sunday. The beautiful Kelly Kelly unexpectedly cheered CM Punk on to victory over Kevin Thorn. After the match, a scuffle ensued and Kelly wound up in a catfight with the sultry Ariel. In the end, Kelly and Punk stood tall and shared a hug, much to the dismay of Mike Knox who looked on from the entranceway.


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