Kelly Kelly vs. Layla, one-on-one

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla, one-on-one

The rivalry between Kelly Kelly and Layla is heating up on ECW. The former BFFs have some bad blood, which could be resolved this week when the Divas go head-to-head in the ECW ring.

A few weeks ago, tensions erupted when Kelly Kelly and Layla got into a shoving and slapping match in the locker room area near a coffee pot. Cream, sugar and cups were a-flying, leaving the Divas in a sweet mess.

Last week, Layla professed her thanks for The Miz. Not only is she thankful he holds her contract, but she's grateful he's "dead sexy." Then, Layla announced to our fans that she's thankful she has a better body, is smarter, more beautiful and has been on more magazine covers than Kelly Kelly, all while her former pal looked on.

Kelly Kelly quickly went into action, smashing a cream pie in Layla's face. With Thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings covering their bodies, the encounter will go down in history as one of ECW's sexiest food fights ever. Clearly, this sticky mess isn't over!

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday night to watch Kelly Kelly and Layla heat up the ring in one-on-one action. Will the Divas' rivalry finally come to an end, or will these former friends continue to battle it out?

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