Which monster will get the last laugh?

Which monster will get the last laugh?

TAMPA, Fla. — After being pinned by Big Daddy V during the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, Kane overcame the odds to win a Handicap Match against Daddy and Matt Striker on ECW. But Kane's success was fleeting tonight.

Kane chokeslammed and pinned Striker while Big Daddy V was down. The Big Red Monster picked up the win, but his luck quickly ran out after the Handicap Match when Big Daddy V laid out the SmackDown Superstar in the ECW ring. After tonight's match, it's clear the rivalry between Big Daddy V and Kane has not been resolved yet.

With Striker standing firmly behind his protégé, Daddy has proven he's a force to be reckoned with in ECW. But will Kane be able to completely overtake Big Daddy V? While Kane's winning celebration was brief tonight, SmackDown's Big Red Monster indeed has a win against Daddy in the books. But will Big Daddy V once again have the last laugh when the monsters meet again?

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