ECW Superstars give thanks

ECW Superstars give thanks

As Americans gather around the Thanksgiving table with their families to kick off the holiday season, we at would like to offer our fans a look at what the ECW Superstars are thankful for.

First, ECW's newest Superstar, Shelton Benjamin, offered thanks for his athletic prowess: "I am thankful for the fact that I am the greatest athlete ever to walk the face of the earth. I'm thankful that there is no man, woman or child, past, present or future, who comes close to the athletic excellence Shelton Benjamin has displayed in only five years of sports-entertainment in WWE."

From the friend who introduced Benjamin to ECW fans this week, Elijah Burke, said he's thankful for several things: "No. 1, I'm thankful for my life, my health and my strength. I'm thankful for the ability to be blessed with a gift so I can shine my light upon others and lead them to better places in their lives. Beyond all, I'm thankful for my mother, and my family, and to be a part of such a great organization as WWE."

ECW's resident chick magnet is thankful for -- you guessed it -- the lovely ladies in his life: "The Miz is grateful for a lot of things, but the fact of the matter is, I still have two gorgeous chicks all around me. The Miz is not only a chick magnet, but a gold magnet, because I'm also the WWE Tag Team Champion. I'm going to bring out the limo on Thanksgiving and every girl who is normally sad around the holidays because their men aren't there, I'm going to be there for them."

The Miz's fellow WWE Tag Team Champion, John Morrison, is thankful for his own looks, of course: "I'm thankful for my abs, without which no cheese would be grated on the Thanksgiving pasta."

ECW Champion CM Punk is thankful for quite a few things, including our fans: "I'm thankful for chocolate, and I'm thankful for vegetarians and vegans because then that leaves more turkey for me. … I'm thankful for my ECW title and the countless challenges that step up to the plate. I'm thankful for the competition. I'm thankful for my little sisters and my best friend. I'm really thankful for all the legions of WWE fans, who are probably, in turn, thankful for us entertaining them. But if it wasn't for them, we really wouldn't have anything to be thankful for. And I'm thankful for sports-entertainment as a whole, because I just love it."

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer keeps it short, sweet and to the point: "I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful I'm still wrestling after all these years. I'm thankful for our fans supporting the wrestling industry, as a whole, right now."

Finally, Matt Striker admitted that most days he can be pompous, arrogant and a touch condescending, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he likes to reflect on what he's thankful for: "I have loved this business since I was 7 years old. Since the day my father showed me "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka on the television, I've been enamored with the pageantry, and the larger-than-life status that sports-entertainment brings. The fact that I am a WWE Superstar; the fact that I can forge a legacy and hopefully be remembered with some of the great athletes who have come before me, that are here right now, and that are to come, is a humbling experience for me. Now that I've moved into more of a managerial role, I am so thankful for the fact that I am part of a renaissance almost, because that aspect of sports-entertainment is gone. There are no more Bobby Heenans and Paul Joneses, Jimmy Harts and so on and so forth. The fact that Matt Striker is able to introduce an entire generation to an aspect of the sport that's unfortunately been forgotten, is something that I am extremely, extremely thankful for. On top of that, I'm so thankful for the blessings and opportunities that I have. My body and my mind allow me to be a true hero and role model to children, because there are no more heroes. Professional athletes are appearing on the news everyday for all the wrong reasons. Musicians and actors are appearing on the news for their bad behavior. I am thankful for the fact that I know I am blessed, that I will go out there and try to be a hero to every kid that's out there. They can watch me -- they might not like me -- but if they want to look for a blueprint of how to live their lives, look to Matt Striker, because these are the things I am thankful for."

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