Benjamin adds spice to ECW

Benjamin adds spice to ECW

TAMPA, Fla. — The ECW roster grew bigger -- and more athletic -- on Tuesday night. After Elijah Burke sang praises for him, Shelton Benjamin made his ECW on Sci Fi debut by wasting no time. He left his mark, defeating ECW Original Tommy Dreamer with a strong performance.

"What I'd like to say right off the bat," said ECW General Manager Armando Estrada, "is that by signing the most athletically gifted man in the entire WWE, he brings, without a shadow of a doubt, credibility to the ECW brand."

Benjamin's label of most athletic man in sports-entertainment is not likely to be argued by many. Even Dreamer had to admit to the former Raw Superstar's talents.

"I think Shelton Benjamin is an amazing athlete who has yet to reach his potential," he said. "If he reaches the potential that he could have, he will elevate the brand to new heights. But I'm sure his ego and attitude will get in the way."

Benjamin boasts the Intercontinental Championship and a share of the WWE Tag Team Championship on his resumé. Burke emerged as the first man on his list of references. ECW's self-proclaimed Guiding Light reminded the Tampa, Fla., audience that he once changed the face of the brand. He then added that he is doing it again now by convincing his close friend, Benjamin, to join the Land of the Extreme.

"Bottom line is, I'm here and my presence simply upgrades the show entirely," said ECW's newest Superstar. "As the greatest athlete in the history of professional wrestling, I give ECW prestige and credibility. I give the brand someone our fans can depend on."

Benjamin may be here to put on eyebrow-raising performances for our fans, but he is not here for anyone else -- except for himself.

"Quite frankly, the ECW Superstars should be running scared," he said. "I'm not here to blend in. I'm not here to get along. I am here to take over."

ECW on Sci Fi has always been filled with confident Superstars making runs at the ECW Championship. From the Tuesday Night Delight John Morrison to the behemoth Big Daddy V, our fans have seen myriad of hungry men craving the gold. Now, the race to the top just got more crowded.

"I'm not happy sitting in the back and watching other guys run the show," said Benjamin. "I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to be ECW Championship. That's what everyone's goal should be and if it's not, then get the hell out of my way."

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