Survivor showdown

Survivor showdown

ATLANTA -- With Survivor Series just days away, the Superstars of Land of the Extreme thrilled the WWE Universe by demonstrating the most devastating survival tactics in their respective arsenals.

Mark Henry def. Kofi Kingston (Six-Man Tag Team Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In an exciting Six-Man Tag Team main event with Survivor Series implications, Intercontinental Champion William Regal, Cody Rhodes, & Mark Henry reigned supreme over ECW Champion Matt Hardy, World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston, & Finlay. Henry earned the decisive victory for his team, hitting Kingston with the World's Strongest Slam after miraculously catching the high-flyer in mid-air.

John Morrison & The Miz discuss their Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match (PHOTOS)
The Tuesday Night Delight and the self-proclaimed Chick Magnet addressed the WWE Universe on their involvement in the Team HBK vs. Team JBL Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match at Survivor Series. The duo humorously broke down both the attributes and shortcomings of their teammates and opponents alike. "The Dirt Sheet" stars levied their heaviest attacks on Shawn Michaels. And their overall message to all … "Be jealous."

"The All-American American" Jack Swagger def. Tommy Dreamer (Amateur Wrestling Challenge) (DQ) (PHOTOS)
In an Amateur Wrestling Challenge -- set up by Jack Swagger after Tommy Dreamer asked for a rematch from their bout three weeks ago -- "The All-American American" out-matched his opponent. But, the ECW Original answered back with a kick to Swagger's stomach and a painful DDT. The referee disqualified Dreamer, who stood tall as he declared to Swagger, "Oops, my bad, you win," with a satisfied look on his face. Swagger later demanded that ECW General Manager Theodore Long give him a rematch. Long responded that since the contest had been in Swagger's style, it would only be fair that the rematch be on Dreamer's terms -- namely an Extreme Rules Match. (WATCH)

DJ Gabriel def. local athlete (PHOTOS)
The extremely confident DJ Gabriel -- the newest member of GM Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative -- was victorious in his ECW debut, dancing his way to a very impressive win over a local athlete with the former wedding planner Alicia Fox in his corner. After finishing off the high-octane match with a devastating European uppercut, Gabriel didn't miss a step, continuing his electric dance with the sultry Fox.

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