Straightedge Survivor

Straightedge Survivor

PHILADELPHIA - ECW featured a double-branded tag team battle, as two SmackDown Superstars joined the Extreme main event in a Survivor Series preview. While ECW Champion Christian is the king of Extreme, it was former ECW titleholder CM Punk who dominated the match, and enters this Sunday's pay-per-view with the advantage.

CM Punk & William Regal def. ECW Champion Christian & R-Truth (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Survivor Series opponents met on ECW on Syfy this week, as SmackDown's CM Punk joined William Regal to take on the blue brand's R-Truth and ECW Champion Christian. Punk & Regal -- members of Team Orton at Survivor Series -- earned the tag team victory. After R-Truth injured his leg during a kick to Regal, Christian attempted the Killswitch on Punk. But Regal retaliated with a running Knee Trembler, allowing Punk to capitalize and hit the ECW Champion with a devastating Go To Sleep. Christian & R-Truth enter Team Kingston at Survivor Series with a defeat, while Punk & Regal have the upper hand. Who will walk away from Survivor Series victorious? Tune in Sunday night at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view.

Mask vs. Career: The Hurricane def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The Hurricane and Paul Burchill finally settled their rivalry, one-on-one, in a highly-anticipated, emotional Mask vs. Career Match. Justice wore a mask Tuesday night, as the crucial match up ended in The Hurricane's favor. While Burchill was obsessed with unmasking The Hurricane and proving his theory that he's really Gregory Helms, it was good that prevailed over evil. ECW's watchful protector pinned The Ripper after a grueling match, and now, Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea, who was on the verge of tears post-match, must leave the Land of the Extreme for good. Where will the Burchills go? Will the WWE Universe ever learn the true identity of The Hurricane?

Zack Ryder's challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
ECW's newest Diva, Rosa Mendes, joined Zack Ryder in the ring on Tuesday to help him challenge his Extreme rival, Shelton Benjamin. The Gold Standard accepted the challenge, and thanks to a distraction from Rosa, Ryder got the last laugh when he nailed Benjamin before exiting the ring hand-in-hand with the Diva. Who will win their next match? Will Rosa impact Ryder's performance?

Vance Archer def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Vance Archer earned his third victory Tuesday, demolishing another local competitor. The confident, new Superstar is quickly solidifying his spot in the Land of the Extreme with his undefeated record. How will the intense, Dallas-based Superstar ECW on Syfy? Who will dare face Archer next?

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