Lashley unleashed on ECW

ECW was shaken at its hardened core this week with the surprising arrival and impact of SmackDown's powerhouse Lashley. By the end of the night, not only would Lashley spear through the ECW World Champion to seize his spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, but he would also claim his position as ECW's newest Extremist.

At the start of the evening, Paul Heyman prepared to appoint the final Chamber participant as Hardcore Holly made his way to the ring from the locker room area. It looked as if Heyman would handpick one of his own mercenaries to take the sixth spot in the Chamber until Lashley interrupted Holly's march by crashing into him and leaving the Alabaman down and out backstage. (WATCH)

After the attack, the former United States Champion made his way to the ring and was met by the Extreme Giant in the aisle. Spearing Big Show and driving him to the floor, Lashley demonstrated incredible force and strength, and then entered the ring.  He then signed the contract to be in the most controversial main event in ECW history. With the World's Largest Athlete staring directly at the newcomer, Lashley gazed back and ceremoniously held up the ECW World Title to send a resounding message to Big Show and all other Extremists.

Heyman would not, however, allow Lashley to trump him on ECW's first time in England. The self-proclaimed Messiah thus called for Hardcore Holly to meet Lashley one-on-one later in the night -- a move that would prove to be yet another pitfall for Heyman and his associates.

Holly came to the ring flanked by Big Show, Test, Heyman and the Private Security Force, heavily stacking the odds against Lashley. The hard-hitting Lashley exploded through Holly until a massive mugging ensued that drew Chamber entrants CM Punk, Sabu and Rob Van Dam to the ring to even the odds. (WATCH)

Fighting off Heyman's henchmen, RVD and Lashley were the last two standing tall in the center of the ring. The final image of ECW on Sci Fi was one of both competitors staring their December to Dismember rivals directly in the eye.

In other fierce action, CM Punk defeated Mike Knox to the visible enjoyment of a celebratory Kelly Kelly. Also, ECW Original Tommy Dreamer earned a victory over Daivari after The Great Khali's physical involvement called for a disqualification.



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