Surviving gets serious

Surviving gets serious

WICHITA, Kan. — Just a handful of days before a jeopardous Triple Threat Match for the ECW Title, gold-focused rivals John Morrison and The Miz seemed to put their differences aside for the sole purpose of weakening champion CM Punk on Sci Fi. As Survivor Series approaches at a rapid rate, the two challengers' one-night pact may have critical implications on the Straightedge Superstar's title defense this Sunday. (WATCH)

The ECW Champion may not have expected such a collaborative scheme from Miz and Morrison after weeks of warring between the two ego-centric Superstars. In fact, though Punk most assuredly had his Survivor Series foes in the back of his mind, the Straightedge Champion's mind was prominently set on his ECW on Sci Fi opponent: Jamie Noble.

Less than one week earlier, CM Punk and Noble squared-off on Friday Night SmackDown, where their contest came to an indecisive close thanks to the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy. After Punk warded off an assault by Miz and Morrison, Noble struck and dropped the ECW Champion in the middle of the ring. The SmackDown cruiserweight met his victim from nights earlier on Punk's terrain: The Land of the Extreme.

Retaliation on the brain, CM Punk couldn't help but feel surrounded when both the faux-hawked Superstar and the Tuesday Night Delight came to ringside for the match. With his triple threat challengers sitting a mere 10 feet from the action at the announce table, the pressure was on Punk.

Despite the menace of his enemies exchanging banter at ringside, the Straightedge Champion successfully dismantled Noble, earning an all-too familiar momentum leading into his pay-per-view title defense. Before he could celebrate, however, the ECW Champion was targeted by Morrison and Miz, who sprang from verbal pillaging to physical attack.

At the close of ECW on Sci Fi, CM Punk did not appear to have the all-important upper hand as he has for weeks. If Miz and Morrison are suddenly on the same page, the Straightedge Superstar cannot rely on the dysfunction of his challengers for the advantage. In fact, it appears to be the exact opposite.

Will the champion have a similar fate to his Tuesday night, live this Sunday on pay-per-view? Or can Punk rebound from the roughing-up he received from the Shaman and the chick magnet? Could one of the cocky ECW Superstars be wearing the ECW Championship come next week?

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