Messiah's revelations

The puppeteer of ECW Paul Heyman pulled very crucial strings on ECW on Sci Fi to bring Rob Van Dam to his knees for the second week in a row and fully alter the landscape of the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at December to Dismember.

Not only did Heyman announce that the Chamber would be weapon-filled, but he also extended an open invitation to any ECW, RAW or SmackDown competitor to fill the sixth and final spot in the contest. The Father of ECW said that any Superstar or Extremist who "craves success like an insatiable prostitute" can come to ECW on Sci Fi next week to claim their ECW World Title opportunity on Dec. 3. (WATCH)

Per the "Messiah's" announcement, ECW World Champion Big Show and Heyman himself met RVD and Hardcore Holly in the main event later that night. To make things worse for Rob Van Dam just weeks before December to Dismember, Hardcore Holly unexpectedly betrayed and assaulted RVD at the conclusion of ECW on Sci Fi, aligning himself with Heyman. (WATCH)

Van Dam went blow-for-blow with the Extreme Giant for much of the contest until both men were taken off their feet. RVD crawled to a fresh Holly for the tag and the energized Alabaman exploded into the ring. Just as it seemed like Holly and RVD were in sync, Holly immediately turned to his already beaten tag partner and laid into him with a series of hard kicks. Then, Holly retrieved a steel chair from the outside and blasted Van Dam multiple times as a pleased Heyman and Big Show looked on. An exchange of handshakes between Holly and both Heyman and the ECW Champion told the tale of yet another ruse orchestrated by ECW's "Messiah."

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, CM Punk defeated Mike Knox, and Test pinned Tommy Dreamer in the Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying matches. Earning entry into the hardcore structure, the two young, talented and hungry Extremists have an opportunity to become ECW World Champion as they join Big Show, RVD and Sabu at December to Dismember.

With only one spot remaining in the dreaded Chamber, one can only expect a host of bloodthirsty competitors -- Extremists and WWE alike -- to be knocking on Paul Heyman's office door next Tuesday night.

Speaking of dismemberment, The Great Khali annihilated Little Guido after Daivari pinned the Full-Blooded Italian in the middle of the ring. For the second week in a row, these newcomers obliterated an Extremist and sent another threatening message to the entire ECW roster.

Khali and Daivari were not the only two new Extremists to appear on ECW on Sci Fi, as former SmackDown Superstars Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay came to the Land of the Extreme.

As the ominous Terkay looked on, Burke addressed the ECW fans and promised nothing but greatness from "Elijah Burke Productions." Based on Burke's words, it seems these hybrid athletes have arrived on ECW and plan on becoming one of the most formidable pairings in the history of the brand. (WATCH)



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