Monsters continue to roam

Monsters continue to roam

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Monsters are still on the loose in the Land of the Extreme as ECW on Sci Fi kicked off with two of them when Mark Henry faced Kane. Kane, who will be standing across the ring from Big Daddy V at Survivor Series in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, along with Henry fittingly took part in last week's Monster Mash Battle Royal, managing to outlast Big Daddy V and The Great Khali as the final two competitors. When the Big Red Machine attempted to attack Henry from the top rope, the self-proclaimed Silverback caught him and virtually tossed him from the ring to earn the victory. Henry didn't necessarily get the better of Kane this time, though, as he was disqualified for bringing a chair into the squared circle. Still, he took pleasure in squashing the Big Red Machine onto the chair after the bell sounded.

Later Tuesday night, in a match created by The Miz to continue making Kelly Kelly's life a living hell, Layla dominated the blonde. Balls Mahoney rushed to his favorite Diva's side, aiding her just one day after Women's Champion Beth Phoenix made easy work of her, as well. Mahoney and Kelly were left on the canvas while the "chick magnet" refused to enter the ring for a confrontation and instead left with his loyal Diva. (WATCH)

In other Tuesday night action, Jamie Noble came to the Land of the Extreme and left with a win. Nunzio proved to be short of having what it takes to defeat the SmackDown Superstar, who presented our fans with a video he made before the match. Noble has been forced to face giants in Undertaker and The Great Khali, thanks to SmackDown Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero. His video, however, allowed the public to see what he can do when he faces someone his own size. His Superman-like depiction in his bout with Rey Mysterio proved what he is allegedly capable of.

Fresh off of his Ghost Hunters experience, Elijah Burke earned a convincing win against Shannon Moore. The victory marks the second consecutive time he has defeated a SmackDown cruiserweight on ECW turf.

The night ended with the ECW Championship securely in CM Punk's possession, but the Straightedge Superstar has more to worry about than ever before. The Miz crashed the main event title match between Punk and John Morrison, distracting the Tuesday Night Delight and showing the champion he won't be able to fend off challengers for his gold one at a time. Both the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" and the Shaman of Sexy won't rest until Punk's waist is bare again, and each of them is the man to do it. (WATCH) More on this story…

What else will develop in the Land of the Extreme on the Tuesday before Survivor Series? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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