Punk feeling blue

Punk feeling blue

This week, ECW Champion CM Punk will pack his kick pads and wrist tape as he travels from the Land of the Extreme to Friday Night SmackDown. As the ECW-SmackDown talent exchange continues to intensify competition on both programs, the Straightedge Superstar will be in action on the blue-hued brand.

For an individual whose addiction is competition, this journey will be a bonus thrill for the ECW flag-bearer.

"I'm definitely looking forward to competing on SmackDown," the elated champion told WWE.com. "Vickie Guerrero is a very capable Acting General Manager, and the competitors on SmackDown are tremendous. So, I expect nothing but good things this [Friday night]."

It will be double duty this week for Punk, who retained the ECW gold just days ago against archrival John Morrison. Hot off his ECW on Sci Fi success, the Straightedge Champion is anxious for his next opponent -- no matter what shape or size.

Though he admitted to looking forward to Friday night for selfish reasons (subduing his competitive cravings), the tattooed Superstar also realizes that -- like always -- he will be proudly representing the grit and integrity of the Land of the Extreme.

"Hopefully," he said, "I can garner a lot more attention [on Friday]. SmackDown loyalists will then check out ECW on Sci Fi to see what ECW and, more importantly, the ECW Champion is all about."

As he prepares for a Triple Threat Match title defense at Survivor Series, what will happen when the Straightedge Superstar comes to dine at the SmackDown dinner table this week? Might some on the Friday night roster take exception to the ECW Champion's presence? Will Punk add yet another victory to what's already been a big week, or will his weekend turn sour?

Catch SmackDown Friday night at 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network to find out.

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