Love hurts

Love hurts

Beautiful. Alluring. Flawless. These words have all been used to describe ECW's blond belle, Kelly Kelly.

But bruised? Lately, this term has been just as applicable as a result of Kelly's mandatory surge of in-ring action. Since Kelly agreed to date Balls Mahoney, The Miz, who owns her contract, has promised to make her life a living hell. Putting the dancer into the squared circle between bells has been a part of his plan. Nevertheless, Kelly has been able to find the positive in the situation.

"I have what it takes to wrestle with some of the best," the outcast of Extreme Exposé told

She proved that several weeks ago, taking part in the Divas Halloween Battle Royal and earning a victory. However, when it came time to face the best in a confrontation after the Battle Royal and in a one-on-one contest a week later, Kelly was no match for Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. She experienced similar disappointment on ECW on Sci Fi when Layla cruised to a prompt triumph against her. Both bouts were arranged by the self-proclaimed "chick magnet."

"It makes me want to prove myself even more," Kelly said about the losses. "Beth, she's the Glamazon. She's everything you could want in a wrestler."

Her determined attitude will play a big part in any future success. She has been knocked down often since reentering the ring as more than just a dancer or trophy girlfriend, but she is quick to get back on her feet.

"I'm hoping I can prove myself just like Candice did," she said, citing another fire hot Diva who managed to earn a championship as well as the respect of the other competitors on the WWE roster. "She was an amazing champion."

Kelly may not be Women's Champion yet, but she's taken the initial step by participating in her first matches since 2006's December to Dismember.

"I'm really excited," she said without a shred of bitterness toward The Miz. "I'm progressing. I've been training for almost two years now and I'm ready for people to see what I have and see that I'm not just a pretty face."

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