Irish eyes are seeking... gold

Irish eyes are seeking... gold

ORLANDO, Fla. -- ECW on Sci Fi stood witness as two of its top Superstars fought to prove themselves worthy of a championship opportunity, while another crossed a dangerous line with an ECW Original. Watch all of the action now in the ECW Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS. Watch ECW Quick Cut

ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Bam Neely (Non-title Match) (PHOTOS)
ECW Champion Matt Hardy started the night off by setting the Land of the Extreme on fire with an electrifying victory over the rough and ready Bam Neely. Just when it looked as if the brutal Neely would upset the champion, Matt Hardy hit him with a Twist of Fate from out of nowhere to come out on top.

Finlay def. Mark Henry (WATCH | PHOTOS)
At the conclusion of Matt Hardy's match, Finlay and Mark Henry both emerged to proclaim that they should to be the next Superstar to face the ECW Champion. As a result, ECW General Manager Theodore Long made an executive decision that the two Superstars would battle for a chance at the title in the night's main event. After avoiding a splash that threatened both him and his son Hornswoggle, Finlay triumphed over Henry by bashing the World's Strongest Man over the head with the shillelagh. The monumental victory earns the Belfast Brawler a chance at the Hardy's gold next week.

Jack Swagger insults Tommy Dreamer and his family (PHOTOS)
Following his huge victory over ECW Original Tommy Dreamer last week, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger proceeded to belittle the 19-year hardcore veteran, describing the many ways Dreamer is a "failure" before dropping the old ECW Championship into a trash can. However, when Swagger suggested Dreamer's twin daughters might become "failures" as well, the situation reached a boiling point. Dreamer charged into the ring in an enraged frenzy, smashing Swagger with the trash can before whacking him with the Singapore Cane, sending him from the ring in agony.

Ricky Ortiz def. local athlete (PHOTOS)
Ricky Ortiz remained undefeated, making short work of a local athlete with the devastating Big O. The ever-building winning streak of this young Superstar stands as a continued monument to the amazing success of Long's New Superstar Initiative.

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