Wish granted

Wish granted

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- William Regal has finally gotten his wish -- another title match against ECW Champion Christian. But The British Brawler couldn't wait to get his hands on Captain Charisma. Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable attacked Christian at the close of ECW on Syfy, sending him a forceful, brutal message just one week before their ECW Championship Match.

ECW Champion Christian & Yoshi Tatsu def. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson (PHOTOS | WATCH | ECW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH ANNOUNCED: PHOTOS | WATCH)
The dynamic duo of Christian & Yoshi Tatsu earned an impressive tag team victory on Tuesday night over ECW's seemingly unstoppable forces, Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson. The ECW Champion pinned The Moscow Mauler after a devastating Killswitch. But as Captain Charisma and the Japanese Superstar celebrated their remarkable win, William Regal ran into the ring to attack the ECW Champion. Christian spotted Regal and the two began to brawl. But then Jackson and Kozlov got involved, triple-teaming Christian. The three-on-one ambush against the ECW Champion left him stunned, especially after The British Brawler's brutal Regal Stretch.

Regal and his associated have sent a clear message to Christian -- he'll do anything to get his hands on the ECW Championship next week in his native England. But who will finally emerge victorious in this longstanding rivalry --Christian or Regal? Will Kozlov and Jackson factor into next week's ECW Title Match, despite being banned from ringside? Tune into ECW on Syfy Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

Paul Burchill's proposition for The Hurricane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For months, Paul Burchill has focused his attention on one thing -- proving his theory that The Hurricane and Gregory Helms are one in the same. This week, The Ripper called out the masked hero and offered him a challenge -- face each other one last time in a singles match. If Burchill wins, The Hurricane must unmask in the ring and reveal his true identity. If The Hurricane wins, Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea, must leave ECW for good. The masked Superstar accepted the proposition, saying, "The Hurricane will not back down from a fight."

Burchill and The Hurricane will finally meet in the ring on ECW in two weeks. Which Superstar will prevail? Will Burchill be forced to leave the Land of the Extreme? Or will The Hurricane's real identity finally be exposed?

Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After a locker room area encounter with ECW's newest Diva, Rosa Mendes (WATCH), the Long Island, N.Y., Superstar faced Shelton Benjamin in singles action. The Gold Standard capitalized on Ryder's preoccupied state -- he was captivated by the sight of Rosa reapplying her lip gloss at ringside -- and hit him with Paydirt for the victory.

Is this love at first sight for Ryder and Rosa? Will the Diva continue to distract Ryder enough to get in the way of his success on ECW?

Vance Archer def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After emerging from ECW General Manager Tiffany's office, and shocking the Diva, as well as Abraham Washington and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas with his intense presence (WATCH), Vance Archer made his in-ring debut on ECW. In mere moments, the massive Superstar from Dallas -- who stands 6-feet-8-inches tall and weighs 270 pounds -- quickly earned his first victory over a local competitor.

Who will step in the ring to face ECW's newest Superstar? How will Archer make an impact on ECW on Syfy?

William Regal def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Moments after William Regal learned he finally got his wish -- an ECW Championship Match against Christian -- The British Brawler met Goldust one-on-one. Without help from his associates, Regal earned a victory over The Bizarre One after hitting him with a Running Knee Trembler and pinning him for the win.

Will Regal's win give him more of the momentum he needs leading up to his ECW Championship Match next week against Christian? Tune in to ECW on Syfy Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

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