Tricks and treats

On an extreme Halloween night full of both tricks and treats, Paul Heyman utilized his authority to assist ECW World Champion Big Show in seizing a crucial advantage over Rob Van Dam. By the end of the night, Heyman demonstrated his power in the Land of the Extreme and, days before the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday, he proved that when it comes to the Extreme Giant's ECW World Title, he isn't monkeying around.

To kick off the evening, the self-proclaimed Messiah announced that he would, in fact, honor Van Dam's title opportunity at December to Dismember but under Heyman's terms. By Heyman's command, RVD would vie for the ECW World Title on Dec. 3 in the first-ever Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. (WATCH)

With RVD now being one of six men in an unspeakably hostile match of this kind, the odds have been amply stacked against Van Dam. This torment would continue on ECW on Sci Fi as RVD was aligned with the explosive Hardcore Holly to battle the team of the Extreme Giant and Test. Given the recent rivalry between RVD and Holly, it seemed that Heyman had yet again found a way to unhinge the ECW Original's momentum.

The two teams met in the main event on Sci Fi as RVD and Holly proved to be able to set aside their differences to forge a formidable unit against the World's Largest Athlete and the Impact Player. Just as it seemed that the two unlikely partners might pull together and earn a victory in front of a crowd of costumed ECW fans, one fan in a gorilla suit came out of the crowd towards the ring. With RVD on the outside of the ring, the ape crept up and struck Van Dam across the back of his skull with a lead pipe, enabling Big Show to deliver a chokeslam inside the ring moments later for the victory. (WATCH)

The ECW World Champion, Test and the gorilla stood over the fallen ECW Original and Holly as the monkey-suited intruder revealed himself to be none other than Paul Heyman himself. It's clear Heyman will go to any length to not only obstruct Van Dam's quest towards the gold but also ruin his career at every step.

As Heyman explained earlier in the night, a series of Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying matches would take place to determine which four men would compete alongside RVD for Big Show's ECW World Title at December to Dismember. The next man to qualify was Sabu who defeated the bizarre Kevin Thorn in an intense, highly physical encounter on ECW on Sci Fi.

In addition to the shocking announcement made by Heyman, ECW fans were stunned by the surprise debut of The Great Khali and Daivari in the Realm of Hardcore on ECW on Sci Fi. After Daivari earned a decisive victory over "The Reject" Shannon Moore, the colossal Punjabi Giant decimated Moore with a monstrous two-handed chokeslam, sending a resounding and ominous message to the entire ECW locker room. (WATCH)

Featuring three of the Sexiest Women on Television, yet another treat for ECW fans on the All Hallow's Eve edition of ECW on Sci Fi was the Diva Halloween Costume Contest between Kelly Kelly, Trinity and Ariel. Though Kelly's CM Punk costume was popular with ECW fans in attendance, the Wisconsin crowd gave the win to a "caution" tape clad Trinity. (WATCH)

Disgusted by his girlfriend's costume, Mike Knox marched to the ring and belligerently berated Kelly until CM Punk exploded toward the ring in her defense. Punk blasted Knox and forced him to retreat to the locker room area. Following this embarrassment, an irate Knox laid down a challenge to CM Punk for a match next week on ECW on Sci Fi -- a challenge eagerly welcomed and accepted by CM Punk in his weekly Punk Blog. (WATCH)

Finally, ECW Original Sandman made his presence felt on the backside of a passerby dressed as a clown in the locker room area. Having some holiday fun with his Singapore cane, Sandman looks to be ready for a potential battle with Umaga at Cyber Sunday.


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