This is the end...?

This is the end...?

In addition to the trick he pulled by jumping CM Punk from behind on Halloween Eve, John Morrison earned a significant treat in the form of an ECW Championship Match against Punk this week.

By defeating The Miz on Tuesday night to become the No. 1 contender to the gold, Morrison will now (re)light the fire in the extensive rivalry he shares with the Straightedge Superstar. Both men have met each other a myriad of times with ECW gold at stake. In fact, it was the Shaman of Sexy who CM Punk defeated to kick-start his reign as the Straightedge Champion in early September. (See the Punk/Morrison rivalry timeline)

"When it comes to title matches, CM Punk has only beaten me once on ECW television," Morrison boasted. "I underestimated him because I had beaten him every time we met in the ring. Punk was lucky that night -- not to mention the fact that the referee fast-counted me."

The Tuesday Night Delight's argument actually bares credence. In his multiple championship encounters with Punk in the Land of the Extreme, Morrison's opponent has only been victorious once -- the time he snared his first taste of gold in sports-entertainment. Since that monumental night in CM Punk's career, Morrison has yet to receive a rematch for the championship, though he managed to pin Punk in singles action just weeks ago on ECW on Sci Fi.

Has the Shaman of Sexy refocused his chi and once again identified the key to victory against the Straightedge Superstar?

"Since [losing the ECW Title], I've gotten in touch with the inner Morrison," he colorfully explained. "I've done some meditating and swam in luminescent pools where beauty flames… and dies."

The former ECW Champion continued, "I've worked on the magical arts and dined within ethereal planes of enlightenment. I don't have to prepare for CM Punk. I am ready for him."

His feng shui friendly lifestyle and overtly fluid soul aside, the Shaman of Sexy is a legitimate threat to any titleholder in WWE. Over the past few months, CM Punk has been hotter than he's ever been in his entire career. Still, as their history shows, Morrison may be the kryptonite to the ECW Champion.

"I've beaten him more times than I can count," the Shaman said of his next opponent. "CM Punk, your days as champion are numbered."

Does Morrison truly have the Straightedge Champion where he wants him? Is this the end ("the end, my friend, the end") for CM Punk's title reign? Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi, live Tuesday at 10/9 CT, to see what could very well be the crowning of a new ECW Champion.

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