Relighting the fire

Relighting the fire

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Days after a disappointing number of votes in his favor at Cyber Sunday, John Morrison made his way back into the title picture on ECW on Sci Fi and relit a fiery rivalry with ECW Champion CM Punk.

The Land of the Extreme was overwrought with aberrations Tuesday night, but the gold-hungry monster inside Morrison came out in a No. 1 Contender's Match against The Miz. For weeks, the two self-appreciating Superstars competed for the valuable votes of our fans heading into the most interactive event of the year. With conflicting egos and ECW Title plans, the faux-hawked ladies man and the Tuesday Night Delight faced-off with a very vital opportunity at stake.

The Cyber Sunday "popularity contest" behind him, Morrison was able to defeat Miz in the middle of the ring and earn a championship match against the Straightedge Superstar next week. And though he'd secured an encounter against Punk for the gold, Morrison got his licks in on the champion this week on Sci Fi.

On a night of ghouls, goblins and, of course, Boogeyman, the Shaman of Sexy made an impact in a big way on Punk Tuesday night. Moments after the champion defeated ECW on Sci Fi opponent James Curtis, Morrison sprang from ringside where he sat alongside Joey Styles and Tazz. His verbal attacks at the announce table turned physical in the ring as the Shaman struck Punk from behind.

Unable to see the assault coming, the Straightedge Superstar was laid out at the hands of the new No. 1 contender. When the ECW Champion returned to his feet, however, his focus was certainly on the Tuesday Night Delight's displeasure for next week. Punk's reign as champion came with the defeat of Morrison in early September. Almost two months later, the former champion has an opportunity to return the favor in just one week on the next ECW on Sci Fi.

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