Mark his words

Mark his words

When nearly one ton of girth collided in the ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal, only one beast was left snarling: The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Defeating a mass of WWE's most gigantic competitors (including two former World Champions and The Dominating Force in WWE), Henry outlasted Kane, the Punjabi nightmare known as The Great Khali and the 500-pound Big Daddy V on ECW on Sci Fi. Victory came to The World's Strongest Man after he literally launched the 7-foot-tall Big Red Machine over the top rope -- from the vise grip of his bear-hugging arms to the arena floor.

Henry's display of uncanny strength was an awe to witness on Tuesday night. Despite the boastful claims of the other three mammoths, the superhuman abilities of the burly SmackDown goliath arguably made him the dominant monster in the All Hallow's Eve themed contest.

"My triumph in the [ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal] was not only necessary for my career," Henry uttered, "it was also mandatory that I prove to the biggest men in this company that I'm the dominant one."

Toppling three pure aberrations like himself, The World's Strongest Man reinforced his position as an in-ring overlord capable of immeasurable damage. When the self-proclaimed Silverback speaks, people listen. And when he attacks, any WWE Superstar in his way is instantly endangered.

"The World's Strongest Man will rule with this powerful fist as long as I deem necessary," he said. "To the other WWE Superstars, that means that everything that they think and everything that they wish is going to fail. There's not a single individual who can stop me."

Involved in a slew of physical wars with The Phenom, Batista and Kane, Henry has taken the best names in sports-entertainment to their respective limits. Despite an unsuccessful attempt to permanently rid WWE of Undertaker (as countless others have tried in The Deadman's 17-year legacy), The World's Strongest Man has forced his way back into serious contention.

Beating his chest at the conclusion of ECW on Sci Fi, Henry reminded all watching that when he steps inside the ropes, the WWE ring becomes a vast, leafy animal kingdom where he is the prime predator.

"The Silverback rules the roost, and that's the way it's always going to be," bellowed the SmackDown behemoth. "To all the doubters and nay-sayers: Mark Henry reigns in the WWE jungle."

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