CM comes full circle

CM comes full circle

In natural concordance with the infallible rules of space and time, sports-entertainment -- like almost everything else in this universe -- is cyclical in nature. As the globe spins, what goes around tends to come back around. And oftentimes, that includes rivals from the past, both long-term and immediate.

Crossing into his third month as ECW Champion, CM Punk's reign comes full circle this week on ECW on Sci Fi, as the Straightedge Champion defends against John Morrison -- the competitor he defeated for the gold in early September.

The newly anointed No. 1 contender has a thoroughly documented and fairly recent history with the champion. When the Shaman of Sexy beat CM Punk to win the vacant ECW Title at Vengeance on June 24, the "Summer of Morrison" commenced. It also initiated a summer of hotly contested championship encounters between the Tuesday Night Delight and then-challenger CM Punk. (See the Punk/Morrison rivalry timeline)

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to unseat Morrison, the near-frustrated Straightedge Superstar seized the grandest prize of his career on a fortuitous September night on ECW on Sci Fi. Since that evening, CM Punk hasn't looked back, only ahead toward each new challenge and each subsequent triumph. Ironically, ahead lies Punk's past in the form of John Morrison and a rivalry revisited -- this time with the title around CM's waist.

"Morrison's not ready," firmly stated the champion. "There was a time when I wasn't ready for Morrison. But, that was then and this is now. He simply isn't ready for the defending CM Punk."

Measuring how far he's come in bloodshed, body ache and the ballyhoo of supportive CM Punk fans, the ECW Champion is pleased with his initial months at the pinnacle of the Land of the Extreme. Initial, meaning just the beginning for what Punk anticipates will be a lengthy reign -- one that extends beyond the next edition of ECW on Sci Fi.

"When it comes down to it, I'm the champion and I will do what it takes to retain my title," Punk reinforced. "[Morrison] has to make me quit; he has to get me to submit or pin me. I don't see it happening. The road to the title was way too long and hard."

The Straightedge Champion has been served an ample portion of defeat at the hands of the Tuesday Night Delight, but recently, no one in the Land of the Extreme has been able to remove the gold symbol from his tattooed waist. In just two months, the ECW Champion has battled boastful young lions, loud-mouthed ladies' men and even fear-inducing 500-pound beasts. Throughout all of his in-ring confrontations, Punk still proudly bears the coveted ECW Title.

The Shaman of Sexy is certainly a threat to any champion in WWE, but it will require much more than a feng shui friendly lifestyle and an eccentric fluidity of the soul to take down the tenacious ECW Champion.

Will Punk's promise hold true? Will he still be the undisputed ECW Champion beyond the fulfillment of this cycle of life? Or will the Shaman of Sexy add yet another title match victory over Punk to his credit, along with ECW's top prize? (Read Morrison's comments)

Watch this rivalry reignite in an epic championship match between CM Punk and John Morrison live this week on ECW on Sci Fi.

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