California dreamin'?

California dreamin'?

SAN DIEGO -- Just like they did last night on Raw (WATCH), John Morrison & The Miz hyped themselves in their upcoming encounter against D-Generation X on next week's special three-hour Raw. (WATCH) (PHOTOS)

WATCH all of the action now in the ECW Quick Cut and check out's exclusive ringside PHOTOS.

By showing a DX "mockumentary" on the Titantron and bringing in two DX imposters, Miz & Morrison thoroughly disparaged their soon-to-be opponents in a live edition of "The Dirt Sheet." Even the hosts themselves questioned if they crossed the line.

Can "The Dirt Sheet" hosts back up their words, or will WWE Champion Triple H & Shawn Michaels prove why they remain one of the greatest tag teams ever? (Raw preview) (WATCH "The Dirt Sheet")

Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely def. ECW Champion Matt Hardy, Finlay & Evan Bourne (PHOTOS)
Despite facing each other just two days earlier at Cyber Sunday, ECW Champion Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne paired up, along with Finlay, for a six-man tag match. Their opponents included none other than Hardy's nagging nemesis, Mark Henry, along with Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely.

Toward the end of the bout, chaos ensued. Hornswoggle bit Mark Henry and leaped on top of WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, sending him to the arena floor. Next, Finlay bashed Mark Henry over the head with his shillelagh. Guerrero capitalized on the mayhem by hitting Hardy with a Frog Splash from the top rope to get the win for his team.

Jack Swagger def. Tommy Dreamer (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
"The All-American American" Jack Swagger chalked up another win in the Land of the Extreme. This week it was 19-year veteran and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer who was on the receiving end of Swagger's brutally effective gutwrench powerbomb.

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