Punk rockin' the vote

Punk rockin' the vote

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A night where the ECW Title Match Cyber Sunday candidates looked to garner last minute votes turned into an all-out melee that resulted in champion CM Punk standing as the prominent party.

It all started with the personal advocacy of the self-proclaimed "chick magnet," who scolded the contractually obliged Kelly Kelly for asking Balls Mahoney out on a date one week earlier. The arena echoed with the faux-hawked Superstar's banter of Cyber Sunday nomination and his promises to not fire, but make life miserable for the dancing Diva -- whose contract belongs to The Miz. This excessive, arrogant tirade was soon interrupted by the boasts of Miz's equally prideful fellow candidate, John Morrison.

Claiming that it's common knowledge that no one will be voting for The Miz to face Punk at Cyber Sunday, the Shaman of Sexy turned his attention to the blond bombshell.

"Why do you waste your time with a loser like this?" Morrison asked Kelly. "You should raise your consciousness to a higher plane of enlightenment... You are dying to spend a night with me in the palace of wisdom."

Kelly instantly slapped Morrison for his crass courtship and the ugly confrontation got uglier when the Diva's suitor, Balls Mahoney, charged to her rescue. Double-teamed by two of ECW's most vile athletes, Balls gained some assistance from ECW Champion CM Punk. Later, while third Cyber Sunday candidate Big Daddy V was battling another monster in Kane, the four men would meet again in the tag team main event of ECW on Sci Fi.

Just as they demonstrated the previous week, the Tuesday Night Delight and the chick magnet proved unable to coexist and an in-ring miscommunication enabled the unlikely team of Balls and Punk to seize a victory. One of Miz and Morrison's final opportunities to earn fans' votes resulted in the Straightedge Superstar gaining additional fan support, as well as momentum heading into his title defense this Sunday.

Keeping the latest edition of ECW on Sci Fi as well as the last several weeks in mind, it is in YOUR hands to elect one competitor to battle for the gold on Sunday. Will it be a pay-per-view rematch for the champion against the 500-pound Dominating Force in WWE? Could a multiple-month, hotly contested rivalry between Morrison and Punk be revived? Or will you, our fans, vote for The Miz to receive the very first major title opportunity of his career? VOTE NOW!

Voting aside, will this one last victory before the most interactive event of the year propel Punk toward success this weekend? Find out as Cyber Sunday emanates from the nation's capital live this Sunday on pay-per-view.

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